Generation Y

15 09 2008

We learned in one of my classes that Generation Y, or Millennials, are very different from the generations that came before us. Millennials were pampered as kids. Now, as young adults, our parents have the tendency to try to do everything for us.

Sure, support from your parents is a good thing. But there’s a time when it can go too far.

My dad worked his way through college (without financial aid). He bought his own first car. And even though my grandparents had the means to do this for him, they didn’t. They gave him the opportunity to become his own man.

My dad didn’t get soft with me. Yes, I have financial aid (thankfully). And yes, there are times I wish daddy would swoop in and take care of something for me. But I got my GED on my own. Took the ACT on my own. Got my first job, filed my taxes, filled out my FAFSA, applied for college, got a room in the res halls, got a loan, and bought a computer on my own. Not to say my dad isn’t there for me when I need him; he is. But I’ve been given the opportunity to go explore the world and its opportunities and make the most of them on my own, which I think is a great gift.

So many people my age are timid toward the world and people around them. They need their hand held before the take a step. Sometimes kids need to have their butts smacked when they do something wrong. It makes them better people when they grow up.

So, although I can’t tell other people how to be, when I have my own children, they will be given the same gift I was: character.